IT Applications Integrator

About Us


HEX IT become Applications Integrator in Romania. We act as trusted advisors in order to facilitate the acquisition of IT solutions for companies in Romania, from both public and private sector, saving companies  time, risk and money required to define long-term complex IT strategies  and help them to identify suppliers who respond quickly to their more and more dynamic business needs.   Public and private sector organizations require quick results from IT experts with immediate benefits. Maintaining the traditional way of sourcing IT and management is no longer an option for many of them. The increasing demand for a change generates the concept of IT Applications Integrator - an entity that can provide an affordable, integrated and safe solution that will  differentiate you on the market, which solves a business problem in a short period of time and not by complicated  and difficult to accomplish multi annual plans.

Your partner in choosing and implementing the right solution

We provide end to end services to identify the most suitable solution for the client, the supplier selection or even implementing the solution, project management services and commissioning, taking into account the specificities and constraints of each client. Our goal is not to promote a particular vendor or a specific solution, but to provide the maximum benefits with minimum cost and effort for our customers. In the last 15 years spend in the Romanian IT landscape we have seen a lot of projects exceeding the budget or haven’t brought the expected benefits. Hex IT role is to save time and money spent for IT services with the same good results for our customers.

Our Mission

Hex IT mission is to provide the best IT solutions at the best prices for business issues of public and private sector companies. Hex IT interest will be only the interest of its customers.  
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